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About Focal Market Works

Focal Market Works is a global provider of consulting and strategic sourcing services. Over the years, our focus on consulting and sourcing has helped many companies across the globe to gain competitive advantage and come up with sustainable supplier management strategies.

Focal Market Works houses category experts, marketing professionals, research and analytical teams, which use the most sophisticated sourcing tools and methodologies that not only delivers critical insights, but also delivers value which enhances the bottom line efforts.

Why choose Focal Market Works?

.   All projects are managed in-house which enables smooth functioning of all processes across teams.
.   We offer global expertise and customize the project as per customer's requirement and target location.
.   Flexible delivery approach
.   We provide sourcing solutions by using modular sourcing, supplier rationalization, and supplier identification.
.   We conduct in-depth research of the marketplace to ensure customers achieve significant cost savings.

Our Mission

To provide customer-centric and results-oriented consulting and strategic sourcing solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Main Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive set of management consulting practices that have been proven in driving performance excellence at some of the world's largest and fastest growing companies.

Our innovative solutions drive top and bottom line value through the creation of optimal business strategies. These solutions are then driven into the organization by streamlining the integration of development, sales, operations, supply chain and service.

We support business performance processes starting from the business strategy formulation phase all the way through to full implementation. This approach uniquely integrates strategy, operations and organizational solutions creating a solid platform for ongoing performance excellence.

Focal Market Works syndicated research reports offer answers to clients’ business needs. Our syndicated reports are the conclusion of in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis that helps clients identify trends in their markets. FMW’s syndicated research tracks developing and high growth markets. Due to this detailed study our clients can create an approach for capturing their respective markets.

FMW’s database of syndicated research reports is updated regularly to help clients remain up-to-date with the developments in their industry. FMW’s syndicated research provides data-driven solutions to the most appropriate questions for following industries: healthcare, financial services, technology and eCommerce.

Functional expertise

- Corporate strategy

Marketing and customer strategy

- Operations

- Market opportunity assessment

- Distribution channel strategies

- Pricing strategies

- Investment and funding decisions

- New product launch / development

- Supply chain consulting

- Business design

- Vendor and Supplier ecosystem

- Programme implementation

- Regulation

- Shared services and outsourcing

- Technology and innovation consulting

OUR Testimonials

US based financial services firm


   "Strategic sourcing services by Focal Marketworks proved to be a game-changer for us and completely changed the way we approach procurement."

Global healthcare company


"Focal Marketworks has been our business partner for more than 3 years now and we couldn't have been more satisfied. The companys expertise
is not limited just to their services, they go a step further and follow a holistic approach in developing low-cost sourcing solutions."

Upcoming eCommerce set up


"Focal Marketworks innovates constantly and implements new methodologies which eventually helped us in achieving what we set out. Their team is experienced, knowledgeable and an absolute delight to work with."

US based financial services firm


"I would recommend Focal Marketworks to anyone looking to streamline their procurement process and want to save costs tremendously."

US based financial services firm


"Identifying suppliers that meet quality standards and custom requirements is their biggest strength."


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Jay Shah


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